Lindsay McDonald

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

About Lindsay

“When we know better, we do better” Lindsay is passionate about helping people to develop new healthy habits that are simple, doable, and sustainable. Using functional medicine and nutrition Lindsay is skilled to teach and support her patients on their journey from just surviving to thriving! Lindsay has been a certified health coach for about 4 years and just recently completed her training in Functional Medicine Coaching and also a candidate to sit for the NBHWC (National Board Of Health And Wellness Coaches). Lindsay has been making a huge impact on her client’s health and playing a crucial role on healthcare advocacy.

As a mom of 4, Lindsay is excited to help other moms and children of all ages discover what is bothering them, get to the root cause, and create a plan of action towards wellness.

Becoming A Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach Expert

Every new coach who partners with Wholestic Nutrition to expand their expertise will benefit from walking the path of both patient and health professional.

Personally, my experience has really opened my eyes to how powerful Functional Medicine is to help balance and heal the body. I can say that Functional Medicine is the future healthcare in the world.

You’ll learn:

-Natural Solutions to Hormonal Imbalance
-Tips to Get and Keep Your Hormones in Check
-Understanding Imbalance
-Functional Medicine Approach to Hormonal Imbalance


  • Learn the functional medicine approach that can restore someone’s health in a short period of time.
  • 5 tried and tested tips to get and keep your hormones in check
  • Answers the question: ‘’Do I have Hormonal Imbalance’’?

“What Is Functional Medicine Health Coaching?”

Watch this webinar and learn as I go further into details on how a functional medicine coach can help their patients. We will also discuss the difference between a functional medicine coach from conventional doctors, as well as, on how you can become a certified functional medicine coach to be able to build your business and make over 6 figures each year. 


  • Learn how this approach can restore someone’s health in a short period of time.
  • Build your business and make over 6 figures each year. 
  • Answers the question: ‘’Why are you really ill’’?

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Discover how our Functional Medicine Hormones Program can help you address blood sugar issues like low estrogen, testosterones, stresses, depression  and improve your hormones health naturally.

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