Meet Jamie McCabe and her son who has been suffering with seizures for years. Listen to her story how Jordan has been seizure free now for a month and counting due to our work on nutrition. The diagnostic tests we ran with Wholestic Nutrition have been life changing by identifying the root causes. So excited to see another patient regaining quality of life. Jamie is an amazing mom who took the challenge of clean personalized eating to a new level. Wholestic Nutrition may have performed the analysis and provided the protocols but Jamie did all the work in prepping food.

After 10 days of following the detox diet my blood sugar has dropped a lot! My doctor took my A1C and it was 6.9 – the lowest I have had since my original (Type II diabetes) diagnosis.  I no longer need Humalog and have lowered my Lantus to 16 units, down from 27. My doctor is very supportive of my working with Wholestic Nutrition. I am really enjoying the menu! Looking forward to this journey with my husband on board as well.

Angie Garcia


Working with Wholestic Nutrition has been a great experience. I appreciate the personal functional medicine approach looking for the root cause of symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms. I also take satisfaction in actively participating in my own health with the encouragement of my coach and the expertise of Dr. Sentissi, the practitioner at Wholestic Nutrition. The functional medicine report, food sensitivity testing as well as the bloodwork and GI testing allowed them to create a personalized plan for me to follow. I would not have been able to do it on my own, and have learned so much that I will carry with me always. The ocular migraines I had regularly for years are gone, my headaches are gone, brain fog has reduced significantly as well as bloating I experienced after eating. I am so thankful I made this investment in myself and will continue eating what I know keeps me healthy!

Diane Miller

“I had amazing results with my 1 month program with Wholestic Nutrition.  …”

After completing the extensive health questionnaire, the state of the art diagnostic tools (through bloodwork and the subsequent Functional Health Report) gave me clear direction on what nutritional deficiencies that I was experiencing.  I was able to use the high quality supplements recommended by the program.  At the same time, I focused on eating only whole organic food at every meal and snack.  I attended the live cooking class and I am able to use the great tasting recipes from Dr. Sentissi into my family’s meals.  After only 30 days, I am thrilled!  This program reduced my total burdens/symptoms by 33%.  I am 10 lbs lighter, I have more energy and I am off both my anxiety medicines. This is a huge achievement for me since I had been taking those medications for over 10 years. This program accentuated my awareness of how food fuels our bodies to function optimally and how food can be the medicine for what ails us.  I love that I can choose to have an even healthier and happier life.  I will continue to make these healthy choices for continued wellness and disease prevention. 

“Dr. Sentissi Has Changed My Life For The Better…”

I’ve had stomach problems for as long as I can remember. No matter where I went, no one could seem to help me. However, after meeting with Dr. Sentissi I knew my problems had finally been solved. His comprehensive health assessment gave me the tools to finally improve my stomach health for good!

“The Team At Wholestic Nutrition Is Life-Changing…”

From the moment I walked through the doors at Wholestic Nutrition, the entire staff and medical team there have been SO helpful! From helping me schedule my initial appointments to answering any questions I had about my treatment, they always knew exactly what to say, and how to help.

“My Wife Is Finally Feeling Better, And She’s Happier Than Ever…”

My wife and I seemingly have traveled from city to city in search of someone who could help with her chronic pain. Luckily, the last stop we had to make was in Indianapolis, where Dr. Sentissi and his team at Wholestic Nutrition provided the perfect answers for my wife. She couldn’t be happier and has recommended Dr. Sentissi to all her friends!

“I Finally Have A Successful Approach To Maintaining My Health…”

It takes a lot to get me to shift my philosophy when it comes to health and wellness. That being said, Dr. Sentissi has a very unique approach with his clients that ensures they are always at ease and understanding what is being explained to them. He has given me nothing but the best  advice and changed how I treat and maintain my own health completely!

“After Years Of Searching, My Stomach Problems Are Solved…”

For as long as I can remember, medical “experts” had told me I was lactose intolerant and that was what had been causing my stomach pain. Dr. Sentissi and his team looked beyond the initial diagnosis to figure out the REAL cause of my ailments. One year later, my stomach problems are finally solved.

“A Simple And Easy Process, From Appointment To Diagnosis…”

From the moment I initiated contact with Wholestic Nutrition through the web, the communications with its team of health pros has been off the charts great! Even if I had to cancel an appointment or change my scheduling, they were always more than accommodating to me to ensure I got the care I needed.

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