Kawtar Elbekhty, CFMC

Always a student first, Kawtar proceeds to deepen her knowledge through self study and continuing education. She received her certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach with Dr. Sentissi at Wholestic Nutrition. She will graduate from Front Range Colorado College in 2022 with her degree in Integrative Health Professions. She studied holistic nutrition, coaching, reflexology, herbalism, and various complementary/alternative medicine modalities. She has 500 hours of yoga teacher training through Soma Yoga Institute and My Vinyasa Practice as well continuing education in trauma sensitive/informed courses.

“Knowledge is my PASSION. My path has led me to dive deep into my own healing and nutrition has been the stepping stone onto my healing journey. It wasn’t until Functional Medicine came into my life that I started to truly experience the importance of bio-individual nutrition plans. What’s healthy for me, maybe causing another inflammation and vice versa. Once I started using food as a medicine for my unique chemistry my body and energy shifted.

At Wholestic Nutrition we offer a healthy reset through functional testing, bio-indivudual chemistry knowledge, and a plan co-created, just for you. I am a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Empowerment Advocator, who uses functional testing, intuitive energy, breathwork, journaling, and mindfulness to help my clients embody their highest most optimal self. I do my best to always operate, with the utmost compassion and kindness towards myself and others. My goal is to create a safe space that embodies a ‘Sanctuary’ no matter where or what phase you are in life.

I will be your support, offer you tools and diagnostic tests (under the supervision of a doctor) to help you ignite your internal motivation. I once heard if you could do it alone, you probably would have by now. It is okay to ask for help. You are allowed to invest in yourself, in your well-being, and in your quality of life. Book a free 15 minute consultation today!”

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