Gluten Sensitivity Treatment Program

Do you have a gluten sensitivity or suspect you may have one?

Our gluten sensitivity program goes beyond the standard gluten testing and diet, to create a delicious, effective and practical meal plan you can live and thrive with.

Approximately 3 million Americans suffer from celiac disease, and millions more from some form of gluten sensitivity.

And while it is easy to dismiss gluten sensitivities as a new-age fad, there is significant evidence showing gluten’s negative health consequences on a variety of conditions.

Such sensitivities can lead to mysterious conditions as minor as a rash and as serious as a seizure.

In other words, those with gluten sensitivity cannot rely on food package labelling alone.

To make matters worth, most traditional clinicians only look for gluten sensitivity in the GI tract and not throughout the body.

Therefore, if you’ve been to other practitioners and told “you’re fine”, gluten sensitivity could be a very real, yet undetected, problem.

The team at Wholestic Nutrition understands you are a bio-individual—meaning not everyone processes or reacts to substances like gluten in the same way.

Hence our approach to identifying and addressing gluten sensitivity is highly individual.

Our team utilizes special blood tests that analyze 12 different gluten peptides—far more than standard tests.


With this information, along with an in-depth analysis of your health background, our practitioners can help you develop and maintain a worry-free gluten-conscious diet to help optimize your health, minimize mysterious symptoms and prevent chronic disease.

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