Customized Health Programs

Our six, three and one-month programs are ideal for those ready to commit to transforming their health. Each program offers substantial savings by allowing you to bundle your appointments, services and tests at a discounted rate.

Every program begins with a 90-minute new client session and thorough health history evaluation.

Unlike your typical healthcare appointment which usually lasts only 7-10 minutes, this one and a halfhour
initial session allows us to go deep into your health history, lifestyle, health concerns, goals and expectations.

From there, your practitioner will recommend the appropriate assessment tests and begin crafting a customized wellness program to address your unique health concerns.

Which Program is Right for You?

Ultimately the right program for you depends upon 3 factors:

#1: Your current state of health—those with chronic or multiple health concerns will benefit most from the six-month program; while those with milder ailments will often do well with the three-month or one month programs.

#2: Your dedication and commitment—if you’re ready to go deep and resolve your health concerns at the root, then the six or three-month program is for you. If you’re unable or unsure you can commit to this amount time to your health, it’s best to start out with the one-month program.

#3: Your budget—you will save the most money and get the most value from the six month program. However, if your budget is more limited and/or you need to pay in smaller increments, the one or three-month program could be a better fit.

Still Unsure Which Program is Right for You? Compare them Side-by-Side


FREE 4-Hour Cooking Class with chef/ Dr Sentissi (Live or via digital video)
FREE Copy of Ebook: The Bridge: From Ancient Medicine To Modern Health by Dr. Anass Sentissi
FREE Gluten Sensitivity: Educational courses by Functional Medicine University
Free Digital online classes and Presentations

  • Weightloss Solution
  • Diabetes Management
  • Immune System Management
  • GI System Solution. DNA GI Map. Dr Sodano
  • Dysglycemia, Oxidative Stress and Stress Management
  • The Cause Of Inflammation And Prevention
  • Detoxification Solution
  • Nutrition: Phytochemistry in Human Health: A Model for Understanding the Need, Kevin Spelman PhD, MCPP
  • Gluten Sensitivity vs Gluten Allergies
  • Functional Endocrinology, The Art and Science MANAGEMENT

Resources: Functional Medicine University

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

Do you have questions before scheduling your first appointment? Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer your questions about whether Wholestic Nutrition is right for you.