• Testimonials

  • Anass helped me to transform my life. He taught me how to heal my body though changing my diet and started me on the path to Wellness. He is knowledgeable, patient, insightful and detail oriented. I would recommend him to anyone looking to make a shift in their own health or in their companies health.

    Sandra Edwards

  • Having Anass as a health coach really opened my eyes to how I was treating my body. Not just what I was putting into it, but what I was putting it through. Anass taught me how to eat right as well as think right in my day to day life. My body is healthier, my stress level is lower, and my life is much more enjoyable. Words can’t say enough.

    David Shihadeh

  • Sentissi changed my life with his program. I went from eating fast food daily and feeling lousy with my life to now being healthy and enjoying life. Thank you Anass.

    Steve Melling

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    Donna Rager