Three Month Program

The Three Month Program is ideal for anyone seeking a customized Functional Medicine approach, within a discounted bundled rate over the course of 3 months.
Your Three Month Package starts with an initial health history evaluation.

Unlike a typical 7-10 health minute visit, this 60-minute consult allows us to get to know you through an in-depth conversation about your health history and current symptoms.

Topics covered include: your past experiences with diets, current relationship to food, exercise, your food likes/dislikes, your main health concern(s), your health goals, your expectations of working with our team, and much more.

This comprehensive consultation allows us to create a tailored wellness plan and provide continued support for your personal nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle goals.

Your Three Month Program Includes:

Month 1

  • Health History Evaluation ($300 value).
  • One 90 minute hour New Client Session ($450 value).
  • Personalized Testing Recommendations.
  • Individual goal setting and recommendations.
  • One 60-minute Session ($300 value).
  • Test Interpretations.
  • Functional Nutrition Medicine Weight Loss Program e-book ($150 value).
  • Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis ($300 value).
  • Personalized nutrition plan customized to your individual needs with strategies, recipes, quick-and-easy meal suggestions, shopping guide, etc. ($300 value).
  • Personalized supplement recommendations ($300 value).

Month 2

  • One 30-minute session ($150 value).
  • Personalized ongoing support.
  • One 15-minute session ($75 value).
  • Personalized ongoing support.

Month 3

  • One 15-minute session ($75 value).
  • Personalized ongoing support.
  • One 30-minute session ($150 value).
  • End of Package Wellness and Goal Evaluation.
  • Recommendations for Follow-up testing.

Your Three Month Plan also Includes:

 Photo Food Journal for nutrition and dietary monitoring—take pictures of your meals using the Fruit Street App. ($300 value).

  • Fitbit integration and monitoring on the Fruit Street App. ($300 value—Fitbit not included).
  • Additional resources to support your progress ($300 value).

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

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