Shereeta L. Petty- Lacy, WOMBB Process founder (Women on a Mission Building Bridges), facilitator of holistic transformation, serial social entrepreneur, and fierce Hoosier Momma of 4! My why began 20 years ago when I was rushed to the emergency room with my first of many bouts with GERD. I was prescribed years of Prilosec and Nexium, but was never educated about the nutritional connection to my discomfort, or the possibilities
of food sensitivities/allergies. Over the years, I Experienced all kinds of related issues from hormonal to adrenal. Migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, shooting muscle pains, fluctuating weight, heavy menstrual cycles, itching skin, and horrible mood swings, all, became “normal”.

Over a decade later after seeking specific nutritional solutions, by divine
providence, I met Dr. Anass Sentissi at a small inner city school. He was there
to transform the nutritional program and was talking about food prescriptions
and bio individuality! I knew that he was exactly who I was looking for and
within weeks he had inspired in me, a new relationship with food, and started
training me on an understanding of the impact on the body mind from food,
gluten and food sensitivities/allergies to Celiac disease, and its impact, leaky
gut, the gut brain connection, blood type diets and protein lectins, digestion
and elimination, and so much more.

Since the day I had the opportunity to be under Dr. Sentissi’s tutelage I knew
that coaching for Wholestic Nutrition would be an integral part of my stand for
the holistic transformation of my community. 16 years ago I became a student
of transformation. Over the years, even through, sometimes debilitating
digestive problems, I was taking on various modalities of healing mentally,
emotionally, physically, and sexually..

I am a graduate of Cityoga 200hr yoga teacher training, Cityoga Yoga for 12
Step Recovery (Y12SR), Zarvos Coaching and Leadership Training BT 1 and
2, VIA, and Pathways to Mastery, the Landmark Forum, the Advanced
Course, Access to Power Communication Course and several seminars on
Integrity, Being Extraordinary, Commitment, and Happiness. As a benefactor
of healing touch, integrative hypnosis, and Neuro Emotional Technique
through corrective chiropractic care; I combined all the various modalities of
healing and put them in a graduated order to give women, in particular,a
vehicle that delivers a holistic transformation model that facilitates a process
for trauma release and healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

As a functional medicine health coach, I will use Wholestic Nutrition to
participate in the promotion of the philosophy of food as medicine and provide
power to the people through nutritional education, smoothies, juicing, meal
prepping and a focus on gut and liver health. I will use my story to enroll
others into their healthiest whole life!

I currently reside in Indianapolis, IN, and am a community resource
advocate and social entrepreneur. I enjoy time between Indiana and
Arizona with my family and friends. I live my life in service to make a
difference for others and help heal the women of the world.

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