Little did Becky’s father know that when he converted his Ohio dairy farm to organic that it would plant a seed deep within her heart.

Becky Shaw left the family farm to enter a successful career in radio after graduating from The American School of Broadcasting. In the midst of her career, her father’s passing left her searching for answers of maintaining health in our triad bodies…spiritual, mental, and physical health.

For the next thirty-five plus years, she would develop her holistic toolbox while studying as an herbalist’s apprentice, working as a chiropractic assistant, and being a nutritional supplementation consultant at a regional store.  She would refine her knowledge base by becoming a passionate learner of herbolgy (both medicinal and culinary), fermented foods, and back to her roots of organic gardening.

Following her two homebirths, she raised her children holistically while home-educating them. Health coaching with Wholestic Nutrition is now the next natural step in partnering with others as they begin their holistic health journey.

Becky resides in the Carmel/Westfield area with her husband Jim. Together they enjoy leisurely biking through their neighborhood and occasional trips to Lake Michigan. Their two adult children, Victoria and Ethan, check in frequently with their adventures in Europe and college fishing tournaments. Becky enjoys raising nutritionally dense organic produce in her garden and sipping homemade kombucha tea on her back patio while reading anything about green medicine.  Contact her to see how food can be your medicine.

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