Six Month Program


This Six Month Program allows you to bundle an initial consultation with 12 follow-up visits, plus a variety of free bonuses—the perfect way to commit to your health.



The initial consultation allows us to get to know you, your health concerns and your goals.

Click here to register as a new client by completing the new Client Form:

Once you submit the form, you’ll receive an email from FMLogic to open your Free FMLogic Account and complete your Comprehensive Health History. According to several peer-reviewed medical studies, assessment accuracy comes from an in-depth client history.
We use FMLogics™ Comprehensive Health History because:

It’s physician-created.
It’s private and secure.
It analyzes diet, lifestyle, symptoms and environmental factors.
It helps your practitioner identify the causes of chronic conditions
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We know you’re BUSY, and this intake will take time.

But it will be well worth it, as this comprehensive approach will allow us to create a spot-on wellness plan and provide continued support for your personal nutrition and lifestyle goals.


Month 1

One 1 ½ hour New Client Session (link to schedule session).
Health History Evaluation FMLogics. (Signs and Symptoms).
Personalized Testing Recommendations (ordering and requisition).
Functional Nutrition Medicine Weight Loss Program e-book.
Individual goal setting and recommendations
@60-minute Session. (link to schedule session)
Test Interpretations and Functional Test Reports.
Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.
Dietary recommendations customized to your individual needs.
Personalized nutrition plan, strategies, recipes, quick-and-easy meal suggestions and shopping guide.
Personalized supplement recommendations.

Months 2 through 5

Weekly 30-minute sessions. (link to schedule session).
Personalized ongoing support.
Month 6:

One 15-minute session. (link to schedule session)
Personalized ongoing support.
One 60-minute session. (link to schedule session)
Follow up testing recommendations.
Follow up testing analysis and Functional Test Reports.
End of Package Wellness and Goal Evaluation.
Complementary Program Resources Include:

Free Invitation to our Cooking Class Live or Digital Video copy if you’re overseas or not from Indiana.
4 HOURS IN THE KITCHEN WITH Dr. Sentissi learning through Functional Medicine applications and implementing whole foods-dense nutrition, cooking techniques and the secrets of healing herbs and spices.
*Testimonial Video:

Link to buy video copy of the class:

Free Ordering of my Book, The Bridge: From Ancient Medicine To Modern Health, has
additional resources to support your progress. In the book, you’ll get to know me, and how I approach medicine with the universe in connection with Mind-Body-spirit.
Link to cover

Identifying and Conquering Gluten Sensitivity with DNA Testing with Dr Peter Osborn Educational MP3 and power point.
sensitivity-genetic-test-kit/ ( not included) replace with my affiliate
Unlocking the Mystery of Gluten Related Disorders, Good Readings.
Gluten Sensitivity: An educational contents From Functional Medicine University.
Unlocking the Mystery of Wheat and Gluten Sensitivity with Certified Gluten Free
Be a part of the Gluten Society:
Dr. peter Osborne Educational Contents.
The Gluten Summit All-Access Package Nearly 20 HOURS of multi-media interviews between Dr. Tom O’Bryan and the world’s experts and opinion leaders on gluten related disorders. Twenty-nine experts with the biggest take-aways from the whole event and the 2-hour presentation by Dr. Tom O’Bryan.
The Causes and Diverse Clinical Presentations of Gluten Related Disorders by Thomas Alexander M.D.
Answering Your Questions About Autoimmunity and Effective Protocols for the Autoimmune Cascade with Thomas O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN.

Learning Objectives:

Addressing the Autoimmune Cascade.
Choosing the Right Laboratory Testing Protocols to Identify the Autoimmune Cascade.
Interpreting the Lab Tests.
Creating a 6-month to 1 year Game Plan.
Protocols for Intestinal Permeability.
Protocols for Dysbiosis.

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