Functional neurology fills a large and ever-growing void in the world of conventional medicine, including the disorders of inflammation.

Most doctors are trained to look and deal with the symptoms and are simply not educated or versed in looking deeper as to what specifically is causing each symptom. (This is pretty scary considering 30.3 million Americans, or 9.4% of the population, had diabetes in 2015 and the number is growing by 1.5 million Americans every year!)

While we are seeing an explosion in disorders related to inflammation and autoimmunity (thanks to the many environmental and dietary triggers so common today), patients struggling to recover from brain injuries are being told nothing can be done… yet research shows nutritional therapy and brain rehabilitation strategies can help them recover their brain health!

To make matters worse, many of those suffering are alarmed that perpetual brain fog, memory loss, and confusion are not enough for their healthcare providers to warrant intervention for advanced brain degeneration.

Thankfully, those who are suffering are starting to realize that Functional Neurologists catch the people who fall through these “conventional medicine only” cracks. Simply put, we get it. We understand that there is more to your story than just “insulin resistance.”

We understand that you have a strong intuition regarding your own brain health and we are here to show you that something can be done to improve it, even if that something does not have an ICD-10 code.

While we depend on conventional medicine for providing care in acute situations, you do not (and SHOULD NOT) need to suffer through years of misery and ever-declining performance.

Functional Neurologists are growing in popularity when it comes to finding real brain-based solutions… will you be the next success story?

When is the last time you followed a map? Have you ever drawn one?

Studies show that drawing a map from memory can be a great exercise for your brain to keep it sharp and challenged. Think about how big the paper is and how you’ll fit your map inside, what symbols are needed for it to make sense, what scale is your map based on, what colors should it be, and even if it needs text.

This could be a map of the city you live in, a map of your house, a map of your office, or even a map of the inside of your drawer if it’s always organized the same! You could also go big and try to create the nearest city skyline with the correct buildings in their correct placement… no cheating! Good luck!

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