DSL COVID-19 PCR Stool Testing Bundle

Coronavirus Stool Testing: Monitor, Manage, and Prevent Transmission of COVID-19 with the New SARS-CoV-2 qPCR Stool Test From Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory.

The underlying importance of a properly functioning immune system is highlighted as global concerns continue to grow regarding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease).  Wholestic Nutrition & Evexia Diagnostics is proud to offer this cutting edge science tools to learn more about the natural avenues and precautionary measures available to help safeguard against infection and to help ensure that your  immune system is able to provide an adequate response to this emerging threat.

The One Month Program Includes:

Week One

1 ½ hour New Client Session : Health History Evaluation 

& Individual goal setting and recommendations.

Week Two

60-minute Session : DSL COVID-19 PCR Stool Testing Bundle

Interpretation &   Personalized botanicals recommendations

The DSL PCR test includes 2 viral targets and 1 spike protein target, which was developed by DSL. All other PCR tests in use by other labs have only 2 viral targets and are known to return indeterminate results at high rates. This is why DSL designed and built a 3 target COVID-19 PCR test. Additionally, on any samples where a result is indeterminate, DSL will reflex to a 4th target. This approach lowers the incidence of indeterminate results even further.

Week Three

60-minute Session :Personalized nutrition plan customized to your individual needs with strategies, recipes, quick-and-easy meal suggestions, shopping guide, etc. upgrade to six month program.


Collaborative care approach between health coaches and client

Week Four

30 Minutes coaching session Focuses on personalized lifestyle accountability.

Disclaimer: This program is for educational purposes only. Currently there are no pharmaceutical or natural medicines approved by the FDA to specifically treat COVID-19.Wholestic Nutrition does not accept any form of insurance nor do we have the ability to seek third-party reimbursement. We are offering this test as a convenience to our clients and their patients, who may not be able or may choose not to travel to a location where the test can be charged to a third-party. The fees charged by Evexia to our clients for the COVID-19 test are a reflection of our cost related to the acquisition and distribution of the COVID-19 test and supplies. Anyone who is symptomatic and/or who meets the CDC’s guidelines for testing has the option of receiving the test for free, but they would need to locate a testing facility (clinic, drive-thru or hospital) that is able to seek 3rd-party reimbursement and have the testing done there.

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