Deep breathing is one of the most over-looked health benefits in society.

With our fast pace lifestyles, most people never give any thought to how they are breathing.

If you watch yourself, I would bet that you are breathing with your chest rather than your diaphram/abdominals. This will create a build-up of C02 and contribute to host of health problems including anxiety and fatigue.

Deep breathing is critical for optimal detoxification.

Simply lie on your back and place one hand on your chest and the other hand on your abdominal (over your navel).

Now take a long deep breath.

What are your hands doing?

If you are breathing correctly, your hand over your abdominal area should rise higher than the hand on your chest.

Practice this!
Continue to take long relaxing deep breaths allowing your abdominal region rise higher than your chest. Once you master this technique you will soon be doing it unconsciously. You will then be able to do this wonderful health exercise sitting and standing.

Start with ten deep breaths a day.

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