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Does Milk Really Make a Body Good? The Other Side of Story

I have to wonder how the government dietary guidelines still recommends consuming three glasses of milk a day. Where is their evidence? A 2020 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Walter C. Willett, M.D., Dr.P.H., and David S. Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D....

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Still not losing weight? Check your gut health.

Are you having a hard time losing extra weight even though you’re exercising regularly and eating healthy foods? Starving yourself to get in shape isn't good for your body, and excessive exercise may not be good too! These are both extremes, most people’s needs fall...

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Exercise and Online School

Online school means more time in front of screens. It’s necessary for learning but not so great for our kids’ metabolism.  For reference—here are the latest obesity statistics for children from the CDC: 😢 14% of US preschool children are obese 😢 18% of US...

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Alcohol And The Gluten Free Dieter

When you’re eliminating gluten, it’s important to consider booze and the gluten free dieter. How will you be affected by alcoholic beverages? You may not have thought much about how alcohol is made, but it can affect your exposure to gluten. Any beverages that are...

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