43% Of Children Diagnosed

ADD/ADHD or Hyperactivity (a highly genetic, brain-based syndrome that has to do with the regulation of a particular set of brain functions and related behaviors) currently affects about 6 million American children.

At about 43% of children diagnosed with the disorder, many professionals are racing to find out why the number is steadily increasing and how to treat it holistically. 

Functional Neurologists are at the forefront of research, constantly developing therapies and effective methods that work directly with the nervous system, helping to retrain the brain and peripheral nervous system to function appropriately. Many patients and caregivers choose to exclusively use Functional Neurology’s holistic approach, though some consider it to be the perfect complement to biomedical treatment. 

Our office takes this condition extremely seriously because we know there is a better way for your child. It all starts with a careful examination which includes not only a physical examination but a thorough review of birth, infancy, mother’s history during pregnancy, family history, as well as any relevant information up to the day of the examination. This enables us to determine the areas of the brain, brainstem, vestibular system and cerebellum that are deficient and form a treatment plan that is specific to the condition.  Treatment may consist of chiropractic adjustments specifically targeted to increase rates of firing in the right cortical hemisphere in addition to functional neurologic therapy which consists of a variety of optokinetic/eye movement exercises, balance and control work, right-brain stimulating physical exercises, right-brain stimulating music and light therapy, tracing/pointing therapy, among various other forms of right cortical rehabilitative exercises.  In addition, it is also important that the patient and their family be actively involved in their own care, by adhering to home exercises which will be prescribed by the doctor. These exercises are extremely important in making the appropriate changes and doing so in a more efficient time frame.

Whatever is decided, the results are real and it all starts with a Functional Neurologist customizing your child’s therapy according to a careful assessment. 

When is the last time you truly let loose, even for just a moment? Letting loose should never make you feel uncomfortable and many find time to be silly in their pajamas in their own home, even if just for a minute. This could be a silly dance with your kids, a spitfire karaoke duet with your spouse, or a happy dance as you prepare yourself a delicious meal. Blocking stress from ruining a few moments can be incredibly beneficial to your brain, and not only will it make us emotionally more satisfied, but we’ll be burning off some excess energy as well!

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