• Six Month Program

  • This Six-month Plan is perfect to commit to your health journey by bundling an initial consultation with 12 follow-up visits.

    The initial consultation allows us to know you:

          -My own onboarding strategy is TO make it very easy to sign up for My WHOLESTIC NUTRITION strategy Program to lead you in order to personalize your own regiment to feel  a new healthy you.

    1. Patient Form: http://wholesticnutrition.com/new-patient-form/ to open your Free FMLogic Account. http://fmlogics.com/main.aspx
    2. You will receive an email with your login to FMLogic to complete your Comprehensive Health History.

    According to several peer-reviewed medical studies, diagnostic accuracy comes from a good patient history, FMLogics™ provides:

     • Saves your time and clinician.

    • Physician-created.
    • Private and secure.
    • Analyzes diet, lifestyle, symptoms and environmental factors.
    • Helps me identify the causes of chronic conditions.
    • Clinical Notes Wellness Journals.

        - Link to Schedule your first appointment:

        * Analysis to review prior your first appointment with strong indicators of specific deficiencies, imbalances, illnesses and syndromes.

     PERSONAL QUESTIONNAIRE LEADS TO EFFICIENT HEALING PROTOCOL. I know you're BUSY, But this comprehensive program will allow us to create a tuned Harmony of wellness plan and provide continued support for your personal nutrition and lifestyle goals.

    The Art of creating wellness while effectively managing acute and chronic Diseases was chosen to emphasize the intentional creation of wellness rather than a limited focus on treatment and symptom suppression.

     Discover the Divine healing power of nature and your body's inherent ability to heal itself. The more you discover about your own uniqueness and the natural approach that suits your mind, body & spirit best, the more you become the stronger, healthier, happier YOU... Just as intended!

    Our experience of Oneness with the Universe is felt through our individual intuitions stemming from the resounding infinite interconnectedness we experience with all of Creation!

    The more connected you become to yourself & nature, the more you realize your place in the Universe.

    A. Intuition defined in relationship with our conscious:

    Intuitions is the positive conscious that develop our common sense in brain energy to coupled in the physical reactions,  mind set of self discipline, consistency and sincerity bloomed the Trust, This process works only when we deeply intent for some outcome with Trust in the result to release confidant to the mind so the intuitive mind can light.

    Trust is relayed on something in the future, indicates that trust involves more than ourself, this mysterious intuitive state of transcendence where the intellectual mindset is set aside and there is a "trust" in God, a higher power, the most science, above and beyond the universe ,sometimes, it is enough to simply set aside the intellectual and trust the intuition.

    The Balance between Intuition and intention is a destination, a clear intention engages the process to action. Even after all of your careful we will make many decisions intuitively. This particular action has never been done before; there is no precedent, so you get to make things up. Acting seldom turn out the way you think they will. Balancing intention with intuition is going/ into the unknown while taking along what you know.

    As we do it, we let a part of us stand back and observe without judgment, and expectations. There may be a stage of chaos where the acting looks nothing like the subject we are doing and we may think, This is not going to work. Lock up the inner critic; it is active when we feel of fear, anxiety or disappointment. We shouldn't think about how last result and focus on the work at our hands. As we proceed, we may have no idea how to get from here to there. We Never have to jump off the cliff, allowing the free fall where something new can come out of the process. Be consists on the work, we cannot step back from the edge and do some- thing new. Our intention is our saver. Our intention taking us accountable At some point, we will know that is working, and delivering unique product. 

    Actions are but by intentions, but each person what he intended.

    Often when I'm teaching cooking class, I am challenged to articulate the balance that exists between having basic recipes and intentions for the cooking progress, keeping at the same time remaining open to changes and new creativities, as things progress. It can be tricky tor any Chef to recognize when thinking has slipped into over-thinking--when strong ideas or judgments have led to limitations that are stoping growth. Likewise, freely applying spices, and ingredient  can be so fascinating, and make the cooking delicious, or over powered,  that it's hard to step back and  what the final dish lacks in terms of presence, meaning healthy, tast great.

    For me, the key to being in the zone where intention and intuition are balanced, is to tune in to my intuitions as I perform, "Gut feeling"and trust my feeling. When I'm having negative feelings about any project I do, when I'm bored, frustrated, impatient, or it seems to hard to do, it's a sign that I have lost this important alignment.  It means that I am either over-thinking, or else I'm too lucked  up in closed circle. 

    An important step in developing my own work has been to realize that intention and intuition come from the same inner reflexion, are equally important, interfere with logics, and that although they manifest in different ways they are not basically at odds with one another. In my perspective, the balance between them comes in recognizing and developing certain aspects of  acting in balance,those that resonate with me, that feel right and worked for me, that represent what I express and believe.


    Month 1

    @One 1 ½ hour New Client Session (link to schedule session)
    *Health History Evaluation FMLogics. (Signs and Symptoms)
     *Personalized Testing Recommendations. ( ordering and requisition)

    *Individual goal setting and recommendations
    @60-minute Session. (link to schedule session)
    *Test Interpretations and Functional Test Reports.

    * Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.
    *Dietary recommendations customized to your individual needs.
    *Personalized nutrition plan, strategies, recipes, quick-and-easy meal suggestions and shopping guide.
    *Personalized supplement recommendations.




    Month 2 to 5
    @Weekly 30-minute sessions. (link to schedule session)
    *Personalized ongoing support.
    Month 6
    @One 15-minute session. (link to schedule session)
    *Personalized ongoing support
    @One 60-minute session. (link to schedule session)
    *Follow up testing recommendations
    *Follow up testing analysis and Functional Test Reports.
    *End of Package Wellness and Goal Evaluation

    Complementary to the Program Includes
    *Free Invitation to our Cooking Class Live or Digital Video copy if you're overseas or not from Indiana. A 4 HOURS IN THE KITCHEN WITH ME, Through Functional Medicine applications and implementing whole food dense nutrition, my use of herbs, spices, and their Health benefits, with this unique approach to healing our  bodies beginning by healing naturally from within!

    *Testimonials Video:





    Link to buy video copy of the class:

    Free Ordering of my Book, The Bridge: From Ancient Medicine To Modern Health as
    Additional resources to support your progress, you get to know me, how I approach Medicine with the universe in connection with Mind-Body-spirit.

    Link to cover

    BONUSES (Additional Resources)
    * Identifying and Conquering Gluten Sensitivity with DNA Testing 
    with Dr Peter Osborn Educational MP3 and power point.

    • https://www.glutenfreesociety.org/shop/memberships-products/gluten
    • sensitivity-genetic-test-kit/         ( not included)      replace with my affiliate
    • Unlocking the Mystery of Gluten Related Disorders, Good Readings.
    • Gluten Sensitivity: An educational contents From Functional Medicine University.
    • Unlocking the Mystery of Wheat and Gluten Sensitivity with Certified Gluten Free
    • Be a part of the Gluten Society: https://www.glutenfreesociety.org/gfs_doctor/anass-sentissi/
    • Dr. peter Osborne Educational Contents.
    • The Gluten Summit All-Access Package Nearly 20 HOURS of multi-media interviews between Dr. Tom O’Bryan and the world’s experts and opinion leaders on gluten related disorders. Twenty-nine experts with the biggest take-aways from the whole event and the 2-hour presentation by Dr. Tom O’Bryan.


    • The Causes and Diverse Clinical Presentations of Gluten Related Disorders by Thomas Alexander M.D.
    • Answering Your Questions About Autoimmunity and Effective Protocols for the Autoimmune Cascade with Thomas O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN



    Learning Objectives:

    Addressing the Autoimmune Cascade

    Choosing the Right Laboratory Testing Protocols to Identify the Autoimmune Cascade

    Interpreting the Lab Tests

    Creating a 6-month to 1 year Game Plan Addressing the Patients Autoimmune Cascade 

    Treatment Protocols for Intestinal Permeability

    Treatment Protocols for Dysbiosis



    My Goal is your achievement to happiness and healthy you again!!!
    Price: $2,499.00.
    OR 6 payments of $ 499.00/ Month