• Three Month Program

  • The Three-Month Plan is ideal for anyone wanting a comprehensive approach to their wellness journey by bundling an initial consultation with continued support at a discounted rate over the course of three months. The initial consultation allows us to get to know you with a thorough conversation about your health history and current symptoms including your past experiences with diets, relationship to food, exercise, food likes/dislikes, personal needs, and much more. This comprehensive program will allow us to create a tailored wellness plan and provide continued support for your personal nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle goals.


    Month 1
    Health History Evaluation ($300 value)
    One 1 ½ hour New Client Session ($450 value)
    Personalized Testing Recommendations
    Individual goal setting and recommendations
    One 60-minute Session ($300 value)
    Test Interpretations
    Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis ($300 value)
    Personalized nutrition plan customized to your individual needs with strategies, recipes, quick-and-easy meal suggestions, shopping guide, etc. ($300 value)
    Personalized supplement recommendations ($300 value)

    Month 2
    One 30-minute session ($150 value)
    Personalized ongoing support
    One 15-minute session ($75 value)
    Personalized ongoing support

    Month 3
    One 15-minute session ($75 value)
    Personalized ongoing support
    One 30-minute session ($150 value)
    End of Package Wellness and Goal Evaluation
    Recommendations for Follow-up testing
    Plan also Includes:
    Photo Food Journal for nutrition and dietary monitoring—take pictures of your meals using the Fruit Street App. ($300 value)
    Fitbit integration and monitoring on the Fruit Street App. ($300 value)
    (Fitbit not included.)
    Additional resources to support your progress ($300 value)